Welcome to the ProPetén Foundation’s homepage.

Over the last two decades, many sectors of Guatemalan society have developed an interest in conserving the natural and cultural heritage of our nation.  There has been a great push for conservation in the Department of Petén, lead by government institutions, and both national and international NGOs, in recognition of the value of the region’s natural and cultural resources.  In spite of significant challenges – including macroeconomic pressures affecting all of Guatemala, and the region’s problems with governability  – our conservation and sustainable development initiatives have made great achievements in the social development and the conservation of natural resources in Petén.

The ProPetén Foundation has been working for the sustainable development of Petén for over 19 years.  Over this time, the Foundation has successfully facilitated a long series of projects with significant impacts in diverse sectors.  Our organization is dedicated to:

  • Strengthening the capacities of community organizations for self-management.
  • Supporting rational management of Petén’s natural resources, and the conservation of  the Mayan Forest’s biodiversity.
  • Assisting in the diversification of sustainable local economic activities compatible with our philosophy of sustainable development and conservation.
  • Promoting efforts to reclaim and preserve Petén’s cultural identity and heritage.
  • Contributing to the governance of Petén’s protected areas, by coordinating our efforts in participatory processes across a broad social base.

In past few years have been a period of transformation for the ProPetén Foundation.  We have expand our capabilities and range of operations to new levels.  During its initial years, ProPetén focused its work in the northern Maya Biosphere Reserve.  However, with the development of projects like the production of the radio-drama “Entre Dos Caminos” (Between Two Paths) and our participation in the development of government policy for risk management and community engagement in the management of the department’s protected areas, we have expanded our operations across all of Petén.

We work to create a space for dialogue among organized communities and development organizations, to promote participatory processes of sustainable development that come from, and are operated by the local communities as much as the ProPetén Foundation.

Our 19 years of development and community work in Petén have given us an immeasurable wealth of experience.  In light of our history and accomplishments, ProPetén has received national and international recognition as the most experienced sustainable development institution in the Department.  Though our course has been long and often difficult, looking back on the journey, we feel a great satisfaction with the accomplishments of our organization.  Our past successes encourage us to continue in our support of the conservation of Guatemala’s natural and cultural resources.

We  extend a most cordial welcome to our site, and we hope that in reading about our work, other organizations and individuals will be inspired to join with us in our efforts.

Regional ingovernability, the global economic crisis, and climate change are serious and growing challenges to sustainable development and conservation in Petén.  In response to these challenges, we use our own experiences and philosophical vision of conservation with humanity, devoted to the reality of the local context and combined with the fresh contributions and support of our partners, to face these challenges and continue our work in Petén.

We take this moment to be thankful for all the individuals and the national and international organizations past and present who have offered their support and trust to the ProPetén Foundation, and who have believed in our work.

 The ProPetén Foundation